Maya 7.1 Sound Card

For serious gamers, MAYA 7.1 offers the Sensaura 3D sound engine which supports of all the major game sound formats including DirectSound 3D, A3D 1.0, EAX 1.0, EAX 2.0, Macro FX, Environment FX, Multi Drive, Zoom FX, I3DL2, and more! Sounds will come from every corner of the room with this enveloping audio technology. Listening …

CRL Steel Clamp for 3/8″ Glass, Z310BS

Quantity of 2 CRL Brushed Stainless Z-Series Round Type 2″ Radius Base Stainless Steel Clamp for 3/8″ Glass Designed to Accommodate 3/8″ (10 mm) Glass Thickness The Ideal Clamp for Use on Mezzanines, Partitions, Railings and Windbreaks; For 2″ (51 mm) Diameter Round Tubing Steel Pin Available for Additional Glass Support