Gillig Bus Maintenance Tapes, VHS

Our entire library of tapes, 1 of each, as listed below. We are selling the original tapes that we bought – no more and no less. We respect Gillig’s copyrights.

There will be NO Returns, NO refunds, and all sales are final

Here is our inventory of our Gillig Library on VCR tapes. Read this as Part Number (Identification number), Title, Run time of VCR tape

Gillig Corporation Phantom Bus:
82-12144-001 Bus Systems and Internal Control – Run Time 55:21
82-12144-003 Air Brake Systems – Run Time 39.50
82-12144-004 Danfoss Hydraulic Systems – Run Time 17:58
82-12144-005 Sauer Sunstrand Hydraulic Sys – Run Time 19:40
82-12144-006A Electric Systems Part 1 – Run Time 1:49:00
82-12144-006B Electric Systems Part 2 – Run Time 1:50:10
82-12144-007 Entrance Door Operation – Run Time 21:38
82-12144-008 Exit Door Operation – Run Time 11:48
82-12144-009 2 Bag Rear Suspension – Run Time 11:55
82-12144-010 4 Bag Rear Suspension – Run Time 7:51
82-12144-011 Front Suspension – Run Time 6:09

Gillig Corporation Low Floor Bus:
82-12144-023 Rear Suspension – Run Time 9:30
82-12144-026 Front Suspension – Run Time 6:30
82-12144-028 Entrance Door – Run Time 14:00

No part number – Differential Removal and Reinstallation – Run Time 20:00
No part number – Transmission Removal and Reinstallation – Run Time 28:22

We acquired our maintenance tapes along with our printed manuals, most of which are dated 1995 and 1996. Our Gillig Lift-U manuals including maintenance, service procedures, and parts manuals are dated 1992. Our Detroit Diesel DDEC III, Series 50 service manuals, and parts manuals are dated from 1994 through 2004. We have Detroit Diesel Series 92 parts manuals and service manuals dated 2003. We give you these dates because the VHS tapes may cover the same periods. Again, please check the part numbers given.

Tapes are good, clear tapes. Consider them used, but they are like new and the video quality has not deteriorated.