Purpose of this database

Simply put, this database helps logisticians and maintenance personnel in identifying items that are hard to research. Incomplete UPC and SKU databases often require logisitcs, supply, or maintenance personnel to use other resources. Result Find was created to fill that need. Approximately 4000 visitors use our database every month. When used in concert with search engines this database often identifies faster and with more accuracy. We strive to enter all data from packages, blister packs, paper cases, and odd lots.

The information in this database is accurate. When the items were originally listed in sales catalogs, there was no margin for error or interpretation. It was clear that descriptions should contain detailed information, while customers deserved to read and interpret accurate information about each product listed herein.

This database reflects an accurate record of merchandise sold on eBay by American Veteran Investments, their students, consignments, and private party listings.

Our Mission Statement: This database facilitates the identification of items where minimal or obscure markings of unpackaged units do not crossreference to known noun nomenclature, SKU, UPC, or federal stock numbers. We strive to return results when search engines previously returned no results.

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